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"It is just incredible. I really like the stain that
you used; it sets off the blue water beautifully. I showed it to our daughter and son and they think it's awesome. ...this is a gift we will all enjoy!"

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Featured in a full page article in
the Minneapolis Star Tribune
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Welcome to TJK Woodwright

A Custom Lake Carving is a unique piece of art for those who
admire the beauty of a lake. The work of TJK Woodwright can be
found displayed on walls of cabins, lake homes, and businesses
throughout the Midwest.

In addition to being a signed and numbered work of art, each
carving serves as a 3 Dimensional map, displaying the actual depth
contours with details of the islands, sandbars, drop-offs and shore-
line of the lake. Virtually any lake, or combination of lakes can be
custom carved and personalized.